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VOTF Member Survey: 2011

In August 2011 we conducted a survey of our membership to gauge whether the National Office of VOTF, the Officers, and the Board are putting our resources in areas that you, the members, think are the most essential for VOTF.

The Officers and the Board have reviewed in detail all you had to say both in aggregate and by reading each comment captured. The Voices in Action Teams, who implement the projects we have launched these past few years, also are reviewing the survey results to help shape ongoing and new initiatives.

On behalf of all our leaders, the Survey Committee thanks you for your responses and your willingness to help us. We believe this was a good tool for gauging our success or failure in meeting the needs of our members, and we will be conducting some shorter more-focused surveys in the future. 

The links below will take you to the results. Here are a few of the points we gathered from our analysis of those results:

  • The survey was sent via email to 10,039 members and 1,238 responded. Though we would have liked a higher response rate, the total is higher than for any other surveys we have distributed--and the overall results are quite positive.
  • You believe that it is essential VOTF has a team fostering prayer and spiritual growth.
  • Throughout the survey respondents indicated that focusing on the role of the laity is an area that should be a priority for VOTF.
  • You responded that our local action efforts are best spent on educating and empowering the laity and financial transparency and accountability.
  • When asked what initiatives VOTF should focus on under the Universal Church initiatives, the top vote getter was Role of the Laity.
  • Most of our respondents are not members of an affiliate and most are not members of one of the Voices In Action Teams.
  • We did not see any consistent themes in the comments submitted as part of the survey. 

Again, we thank you for your participation.

Survey Results Listed by Question Asked 

Survey Results: Graphs