News Release — Hundreds of Voice of the Faithful Members Light Virtual Candles

NEWTON, Mass., Dec. 16, 2010 – Hundreds of Voice of the Faithful members recently posted prayers like these on the lay Roman Catholic reform organization’s website—

  • “Help me look at the world in the light of Your love…”
  • “I pray in thanksgiving for the gifts of a wonderful marriage, creative work, good health and wonderful friends…”
  • “Thanks to Jesus for healing me…”
  • “For my husband who has supported me during my journey with terminal cancer…”

In this holiday season, VOTF has given it members an opportunity to recapture in virtual space a centuries-old practice of lighting vigil candles to pray for God’s help or say thanks for God’s blessings. Hundreds of members responded with poignant hopes for healing of children, family and friends, for help in overcoming job losses, for safety and patience and justice.

“This was an unusual opportunity,” said Donna B. Doucette, VOTF executive director, “to hear online what hundreds of us speak within our hearts when we pray. It also illustrates how, despite the almost total breakdown of accountability within our Church, those of us who work so diligently for its reform can return to the wellsprings of our faith to sustain us.”

The invitation to members went out through e-mails that highlighted prayers used by people of various cultures throughout history and from around the world. Members replied online, posting their prayers in a virtual space where they could light a virtual candle for each prayer, which brought members from around the world together to pray.

The Virtual Candles page will remain active through December, and the prayers submitted for each candle can be viewed at

Voice of the Faithful

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