Calling All Catholics to Be 21st Century Disciples

Transforming our Church begins with each of us, where we pray, where we worship, where we gather in community. We have prepared a simple flyer that you can print locally and distribute locally.

The flyer calls for Catholic men and women to become involved in rebuilding our Church.

Printing Your Flyer

The flyer is an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, designed to print on two sides (front and back).

You can print the flyer by taking the file to any Staples or local copy shop and have it printed in color or black-and-white (B&W).

You can finish the flyer by folding it in thirds by hand to create a tri-fold brochure—or you can pay for the copy shop to do the folding, if that is one of their services.

Alternatively, you can print the flyer on your own color or B&W printer, as follows:

  • Print the desired number of copies of one side (Page 1) first.
  • Then re-insert the printed sheets in your paper tray.
  • Place the paper so that the second page (Page 2) prints on the back of Page 1.
  • Print the same number of copies of Page 2.
  • Fold in thirds by hand.