American Catholic Council Calls for Day of Prayer & Fasting, April 15

NEWTON, Mass., March 30, 2011 – American Catholic Council today called upon Catholics across the United States to set aside a day of prayer and fasting on Friday, April 15, for the renewal of the promises of the Holy Spirit in the Second Vatican Council. ACC is in the final stages of planning a national meeting in Detroit on Pentecost Weekend, June 10-12, 2011, to celebrate the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and to recommit Catholics to the renewal promised by Vatican II.

“On our day of prayer and fasting, we will pray together for the renewal of the promises of the Holy Spirit evidenced in the Second Vatican Council. And we will pray for re-commitment and courage so that, as Cardinal Dearden said 35 years ago, we may ‘unlock the structures of the Church and world so that the spirit and energy of our people can flourish and contribute to renewing our communities,’” said Janet Hauter, ACC co-chair and Voice of the Faithful national vice president.

Suggestions for prayers and readings are available at, ACC’s website. “We suggest that all Catholics join together in prayer at least twice on April 15 at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.,” Hauter said. “ACC suggests the following prayer for those times.”

Gracious and Holy God,

We join together today in prayer for all who seek to reclaim the vision and spirit of Vatican II anywhere and all those who will gather in Detroit this Pentecost. May we be anointed by your Spirit to share in divine creativity in solving the challenges of carrying out Vatican II’s empowerment of the baptized. Send forth your Spirit!

May we benefit from the diversity of gifts you have bestowed on all your people and work toward recognizing and using those gifts fully and inclusively. Send forth your Spirit!

May we be open to your grace and steadfast in the face of scorn, opposition and dismissal. Send forth your Spirit!

May we always remember all those who have gone before us, both blazing prophets and quiet souls, who have labored for freedom, truth and dignity for your people. Send forth your Spirit!

May we join our footsteps with those of your Son, as the journey of Holy Week begins, embracing the anguish of Calvary while looking ahead to the Alleluia of a resurrected Church. Send forth your Spirit!

May we be strengthened by the solidarity of this communal prayer to remember that in the grace and power of the God who lovingly weaves us all together in a tapestry of love, so we can do more than any one of us dreams alone. Send forth your Spirit!

American Catholic Council

American Catholic Council is a movement of individuals, organizations and communities together considering the state and future of the Roman Catholic Church. ACC believes the Church is at a turning point in its history, recalling the promise of the Second Vatican Council for a renaissance of the roles and responsibilities of all the baptized through a radically inclusive and engaged relationship between the Church and the World. ACC responds to the Spirit of Vatican II by calling the baptized together to demonstrate re-commitment and renew the Church to conform to the authentic Gospel message and the teachings of the Church in the context of life in the United States. ACC convenes in Detroit Pentecost weekend, June 10-12, 2011, to proclaim the Rights and Responsibilities of U.S. Catholics. More information at

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