THANK YOU! Your responses to our emergency appeal

When we made an emergency request for operating funds on July 13, 2009, more than 1,200 of you responded with more than $120,000—more than double the amount we needed to keep the national office open.

Your positive response was inspiring, coming as it did in the middle of the summer, in less than three weeks time, and during dreadful economic times. Your generosity underscored a spiritual commitment to our mission and goals.

Thank you.

Your response also brought us much more than dollars. It brought us your prayers and hopes and encouraging words. We share some of those words with you here, along with our heartfelt thanks for all your support: time, talent, and treasures.

(We will add new notes at the top of the comments below, as time permits.)

I’m especially pleased to be forwarding to you these checks from local supporters of VOTF — largely because I agree that your/our cause is worthy beyond dispute, but also because it’s a demonstration that good people will always respond at a time of need. The donations … [from] Ormond Beach. For them, and for all of us involved in Volusia Voice of the Faithful, I wish you full success in your efforts to keep the ship on course. Thank you and your associates for all you do in the name of God. — Bob

Enclosed is a check to help VOTF at this critical time. I can’t thank you enough for all your work. I truly believe that VOTF is making a difference, much to the chagrin of folks at Catholic League and much to the credit of your leadership. Currently I am the director of [an institute] where we are trying to live out the vision of Vatican II, but this letter is from me personally. I don’t have much in the way of discretionary funds, but please accept this donation as a symbol of my gratitude. — Sister K

Enclosed is my donation to help VOTF weather this current financial storm. I will send another [amount] in August. Good to hear people have responded so positively. Thanks for all of your outstanding work on behalf of VOTF. — Bob, northern VA

Cincinnati Coordinating Committee wants to support you in your efforts to put forward action plans for the future. Though our coffers are slim at the moment, we wanted to forward this donation to support the National office. We hope and pray that you continue to find ways for the individual members to have their voices heard in this organization. It is hard to walk the talk, but indeed, how can we in good conscience do otherwise? Further we hope and pray that you are able to establish a constant income source.

On behalf of Coastal Delmarva Voice of the Faithful, enclosed is a check to help your organization make it through these trying times. Coastal Delmarva VOTF wishes we could do more but our funds are also limited. We hope and pray that the Holy Spirit touches people’s Hearts and support materializes.

Enclosed please find a small donation. I read in NCR that you are hurting. While I am not sure I am in complete sympathy with all your goals, since I am not sure what they are, I am in general agreement with your cause. I am a [retired] priest who worked in both parochial and education ministries. I felt both my life and ministries were damaged by the scandals and try to do what I can to heal the hurt and prevent future incidents.

Bless you and thank you for all you do to shed light into the dark corners within our Faith Family. Just as within some of our families of origin, light must be brought to the abusive, painful secrets of childhood, so, too, light belongs in the midst of ALL dark corners. Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness, a beacon of hope and the Light of Christ.

I wish it were possible to give more. Please know that we hold you in prayer and praise our God for the gifts of your lives.

Peace and Blessings!

This is the price of bricks for my church. You are the alarm system. Thank you!

Thank you for the candor of your emergency plea. I’m older now and am on fixed income. Sorry it can’t be more. We’re depending on you and board for continued leadership.


To in some small way—help with your mission and to simply say “thank you” – for all that you’ve done and are doing.

Dan is doing a great job!! Keep fighting —we’re very close to prevailing! –Dave

Don’t quit! We need you! — John and Lucille

Hang in there-

The economy will turn around faster than the institutional church will. VOTF is our best hope!


If we don’t have VOTF speaking up for faithful Catholics, who will?

We wish this was more but please know it comes with all good wishes and thanks for a job so well done. Leave it to the likes of Mr. Donohue to get us back on track. We will send more as we can.

Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do! Thanks for this financial crisis to wake us up and perhaps be the vehicle to push us beyond the lethargy and apathy which now weigh us down. Thanks for the new energy the Holy Spirit is generating a result.

I wish I could send more to enable to you to rekindle the fire. We have accomplished so much especially when you consider the Church’s top speed is glacial. Keep on keepin’ on.

Dear Dan and Bill,

I just read your urgent message. Voice of the Faithful is not an organization that should sink in the depression. Unfortunately I’m a retiree trying to get a job and barely able to pay my bills. On the principle that every little bit helps, I’m sneaking this $10 out of an account I’m not suppose to be using. If I get a job I’ll do better later. We appreciate your efforts since the start.


I regret that I cannot donate a more significant amount, as I too, am in a desperate state of financial difficulty. I’m hoping that many others will contribute, and together we will not lose the “voice” of this incomparable and outstanding organization. Thank you for all you have done.

Keep up the good work—make those pompous Bishops accountable.

-Mary Anne, New Jersey

Dear Colleagues in Accountability,

I read your appeal for funding, and here is some help. If some think the scandals can be swept under the rug and a broken institution can continue as before, we have to pull together.

Though there have been high profile cases of embezzlement and child abuse in this area, we don’t yet have a group sense that we have to protest and work to prevent them in the future. I am happy that we did such as awaken the awareness of this through high-profile ads. National has put us in touch with more active groups in Naples and Sarasota.

What most outraged me this week was to read how many of our own communion belittle our witness. I hum Psalm 70 as I write this, verses we recited every night in seminary but are coming to life right now.

Lilliam and I pray for your success and for a successful transition to a more sustainable form.

I’m enclosing my check in response to your plea for donations. I’m certainly not an active member of VOTF but I am grateful for your accomplishments over the past 7 years, especially concerning the lack of openness the church exhibited regarding its handling of abusive clergy.

I appreciate your openness in seeking two months’ operating funds to maintain the National organization or else it would have been discontinued. I hope my small drop in the bucket helps meet this goal.

-Matt, MA

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do—we cannot allow the dysfunctional hierarchy to win!!

Dear Donna,

Enclosed is our contribution to help meet immediate needs that VOTF may have. Jeannette and I appreciate the dedication and commitment that you, the board members, and the staff have demonstrated.

Please keep up the good work. I hope my donation, though small, will help the cause. As a family who was abused by the church and it’s priest, I thank you for all your efforts and appreciate your dedication and loyalty. — Jim

To all of you who volunteer and work so tirelessly to bring Christ’s message, we send our thanks and blessings and prayers.