Prayer for Victims & Survivors

Jesus, by becoming human you have elevated the human body to the dignity of divinity. Sadly, there are among us those whose bodies have been savaged by the very ones who have been called to serve and protect them. These crimes cry out for justice and for healing, and we raise our voices in prayer for the healing of our brothers and sisters. We acknowledge that by our silence and our blindness we are complicit in these crimes and sins, and we ask for forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, during your life on earth you were known as a healer of bodies, minds and spirits. Send your healing Spirit upon these brothers and sisters of ours that they may begin to experience some light, peace and joy in this life.

Pour your Spirit of peace into the hearts of their families – parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and children – that they may recover a sense of your presence in their lives.

And make us all more sensitive to the need to protect our children from those who might harm them that your Body here on earth may be made whole to the glory of God.