Prayer for the Family

Originally prepared by VOTF’s affiliate in Michigan for the special Synod on the Family, the prayer is appropriate both for families by relation and for families by community.

One Family

Lord, we thank you for your endless love and compassion.
We are family but we forget too easily.
Continue to bless us with your Spirit, opening our eyes and hearts
to see more clearly our special connectedness to you and to each other.

We neglect to see the miracle of each other.
Blinded by selfishness, it is so easy to build walls of hatred or indifference.
Please give us the courage to err on the side of mercy and compassion.
Help us to accept each other as we are.

We believe we are all growing and moving toward you in our own unique ways; but you are not finished with us yet.
Give us the patience in our daily struggles to bring us closer to each other.
We are one family.
Thank you for this great gift.