Prayer for All Creation

As we work to bring healing and reform to our Church, let us not forget the healing our world needs. Pope Francis desingated Sept. 1, 2015, as the World Day of Prayer for Creation, and this prayer was first posted on that date:

O God, grant us the grace to respect and care for your creation.

Bless all your creatures as a sign of your wondrous love.

Give us the wisdom to undo the damage we have done to your creation and to sustain your gift of nature.

We remember always that you speak to us through the beauty of your creation and pray that we will answer your call with reverence for all that you have created.

May You, God, the source of every good, bless us and give success to our work, so that we may receive the joy of your gifts and praise your name now and forever. In Jesus’ holy name, we pray.