Lent Reflections: Mar. 22, 2016

“He grew up like a sapling before him,
like a shoot from the parched earch;
He had no majestic bearing to catch our eye,
no beauty to draw us to him.
He was spurned and avoided by men,
a man of suffering, knowing pain,
Like one from whom you turn your face,
spurned, and we held him in no esteem.”
(Isaiah 53:2-3)

“So Pilate said to him, Do you not speak to me? Do you not know that I have power to release you and I have power to crucify you?'” (John 19:10)

“… And bowing his head, he (Jesus) handed over the spirit.” (John 19:30)

Good Friday will be here in just a few days. On this “Good” Friday, we remember that Jesus experienced humiliation, being a victim of another’s power, and the physical suffering of the crucifixion. Death is the ultimate letting go of self. Few of us will be in a position to surrender our lives for our faith through physical martyrdom, but letting go of pride and my ego can be a spiritual martyrdom and not for the fainthearted. This Saturday, the day between the crucifixion and the resurrection was a day of emptiness and unknowing for the apostles. Consider making it a time to take stock of your interior being – attitudes of pride, self-righteousness, wanting to be right and important. Seek simple humility on this Saturday. Click here for more depth.

Readings for Mar. 22, 2016, Tuesday of Holy Week

Reading 1 — Isaiah 49:1-6
Responsorial Psalm — Psalm 71:1-2, 3-4A, 5AB-6AB, 15 and 17
Verse Before The Gospel —
Gospel — John 13:21-33, 36-38

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