In 2022, Voice of the Faithful marks 20 years of keeping the faith, changing the church

Voice of the Faithful marks its 20th year during 2022. We have diligently worked throughout these two decades to promote change in Catholic Church culture and structures that lend themselves to scandal. Committed to raising Spirit-led voices in the governance and guidance of the Church, VOTF has always operated under the Vatican II premise that the people of God have rights and responsibilities accorded to them by their baptism, and that being lay is as much a vocation as being ordained.

Through the years, VOTF has lived its motto to Keep the Faith, Change the Church. In this, we have espoused keeping our faith close and advocating for change in the culture of clericalism, change in the Church’s attitude toward women, change in the Church’s proclivity towards secrecy, change toward more financial transparency, change in the Church’s treatment of clergy abuse survivors, and change in the Church’s understanding of the truth in lay voices.

As VOTF assesses what is the same and what has changed in the Church over two decades, we remain moved by the Spirit to speak as the Spirit prompts. We are still in the Church. We remain committed to journeying together toward what the Church could be.

Click on the links below read how several VOTF leaders view our journey over the past twenty years: