‘Excuse me, Your Eminence, she has not finished speaking’ / National Catholic Reporter

The synod recognized the church’s global infection with narcissistic clericalism. It said fine things about women in leadership and the care of other marginalized people. Yet the synod remains a secret in many places. Its good words don’t reach the people in the pews.

By Phyllis Zagano, National Catholic Reporter

“Without doubt, the best line to emanate from the synod on synodality is ‘Excuse me, Your Eminence, she has not finished speaking.’

“That sums up the synod and the state of the Catholic Church’s attitude toward change.

“In October, hundreds of bishops, joined by lay men and women, priests, deacons, religious sisters and brothers met for nearly a month in Rome for the synod on synodality. At its end, the synod released a synthesis report brimming with the hope and the promise that the church would be a more listening church.

“Some 54 women voted at the synod. Back home, women are still ignored.


“It is not because women quote the Second Vatican Council at parish council meetings. It is because too many bishops and pastors ignore parish councils.

“It is not because women of the world do not write to their pastors and bishops. It is because without large checks, their letters are ignored.”

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