Child Protection Activities

Blue Ribbons for Awareness!

Can your group or affiliate promote, sponsor, or wear blue ribbons during April 2010 National Child Abuse Awareness Month?

For suggestions on how to get involved in easy yet powerful blue ribbon awareness activities, click here.

Pinwheels for Prevention!


Have kids, grandkids? Plant one pinwheel for each child protection report in your city or town last year!!

Spread the word on how prevalent child abuse is in your community.

How about planting a pinwheel garden in your community, church or school play ground??

For more information, click here.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

There are numerous agencies, groups and communities that have special activities for child abuse awareness. Click here to go to the official U.S. government website that is full of resources for marking this special month, and click here for the government’s Child Welfare Information Gateway webpage.

Is there a race or a walk for child sexual abuse awareness, or survivor support in your community? Find out, sign up, join in, or start one yourself.

Recommended Actions for National Child Abuse Prevention Month …

Spread the word—pick up your feet and move the message along:


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT to do something