2014 Assembly Will Feature Workshop on “Priestless Parishes: There IS An Answer”

You have a baptismal right to the Eucharist. Yet, mandatory celibacy limits the priesthood and reduces the availability of the Eucharist. Bishops prefer to close parish communities rather than open the priesthood. How did we get into this sad situation? And how do we open the doors again to a priesthood embracing the celibate and the married?

We invite you to sign up for this workshop at our 2014 Assembly to learn how. Priestless Parishes: There IS An Answer will be one of six workshops presented during the VOTF 2014 Assembly on April 5 in Hartford, Connecticut. Click here to register online and choose the Optional Celibacy workshop option to be part of the solution to priestless parishes.

Additional workshops will include Clericalism; Parish Finances: Tools for Securing Collections; The Montana Hustle Case Study for Diocesan Financial Accountability; Female Voices; and Survivor Support: Spirituality & Trauma, which will be facilitated by Fr. Thomas Doyle.