A Big Heart Open to God: America Magazine’s Exclusive Interview with Pope Francis

In an exclusive interview with America magazine and several Jesuit journals that was released today (Sept. 19), Pope Francis considers topics ranging from why he became a Jesuit to homosexuality and abortion. “The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent,” Pope Francis said in the interview.

Faithful Revolution: How Voice of the Faithful Is Changing the Church

This new book by Tricia Colleen Bruce, an assistant professor of sociology at Maryville College in Tennessee, resulted from three years of research with Voice of the Faithful members across the country during VOTF’s early years. Prof. Bruce presented her work to VOTF Winchester, Massachusetts, on April 25, and talked to VOTF New York City on May 2. She is available for presentations before other VOTF groups. Contact VOTF’s national office at 781-559-3360. Click the Amazon.com button on this page at right to purchase Prof. Bruce’s book and benefit VOTF.