Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

VOTF Board of Trustees

Trustees serve terms of three years, and may serve for two consecutive three-year terms. A total of 11 trustees may be appointed and elected.

Some seats are reserved for specific functions. Thus, the current President and immediate Past President of VOTF fill two positions.

Bylaws (as amended March 2012)

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


Board members serving today are: 

Sandra Guynn

Sandra is a native of Big Sky country and has lived in North Central Montana her entire life. She spent 20 years working in the accounting profession before she and her husband, Gary, opened her professional genealogy business 15 years ago. Always her faithful supporter, Gary died in 2010. Sandra has 30 years of parish finance experience and is currently a member of her parish's finance council. She is also her parish's Safe Environment Coordinator. She is the chair of her Neighborhood Council and president of her local/county Crimestoppers. In addition to having a passion for genealogy,, she enjoys history, reading, calligraphy, and designing and maintaining websites.   (back to top)

Philip W. Megna

Without a doubt, the defining moment of my life was my marriage to Laurine on September 11, 1965, and my proudest achievements are our four children: Laurine, Rebecca, Rachel, and Daniel Philip. Our legacy is our 10 grandchildren, who were also the principal motivating factors in my becoming involved with VOTF in 2002. I am convinced that our Church must be one which inspires and engages our children and grandchildren. That it must be defined by what it stands for rather than by what it stands against, by who it includes rather than by who it excludes.

Since becoming involved with VOTF in 2002, I have co-chaired with Pat Paone five Long Island-VOTF Conventions and one National VOTF Convention. In 2003, I also organized a survey to gauge the reaction of the people of Long Island to the abuse scandal and cover up. In 2006, I was elected co-chair of LI-VOTF, a position I held until 2009.

I believe that my degrees in Organizational Theory, Law, and Theology have prepared me to be an active participant in the reform movement in our Church and that my seven years of military service and 30-plus years as an attorney and businessman give me credibility.

Education:  BBA – Manhattan College; MBA – Florida State University; J.D. – St. John’s University; MA, Theology – Seminary of the Immaculate Conception (back to top)

Mark Mullaney

Mark and his wife Kathy have three adult sons and one granddaughter. After almost 25 years in Wellesley MA they now reside in Wayland MA. Both were founders and present at the first meeting of Voice of the Faithful in January 2002 at St John the Evangelist Church in Wellesley.

Mark has been active in the establishment and ongoing development of VOTF. He has served as Chairman of the Search Committee for all three Executive Directors of VOTF and also served as Interim Executive Director for eight months in 2005.

Mark is a graduate of Boston College and has served on its Alumni Board. He is the President of Resolve Associates, LLC, a business advisory service to small and mid-sized business owners and companies. He is an Accredited Associate of the Institute For Independent Business (AAInstB). He is a member of the Wellesley Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees and was awarded its Professional of the Year award in 2009.

Mark has been involved with developing the infrastructure and improving the administrative efficiency of the VOTF office since its inception. He served on the original VOTF Representative Board and has served on several regional and national committees. He has been and continues to be active in the VOTF Development Committee.

Mark remains active in VOTF because he simply wants to see and effect an inclusive, relevant and vibrant church for his children and their children. The church has its role as does the hierarchy. They each need to be clear to all that their major theme is service for those we know and for those in need.

The opportunity to serve VOTF on the Board of Trustees is an opportunity to continue his commitment to the goals of VOTF and a way to provide service to those in need now and in the future. (back to top)

Margaret Roylance

Margaret Roylance was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but has lived in Massachusetts for more than 40 years.  She graduated from the University of Utah and received a Masters and PhD from the Massachusetts Institue of Technology. 

Margaret is married and is the mother of five children: three sons and two daughters.  She is a member of Our Lady Help of Christian’s Parish in Newton MA where she is currently a member of the Baptism Ministry, a member of the Parish Child Abuse Prevention Team and a Eucharistc Minister.

She has been a member of Voice of the Faithful since 2002 and served as a facilitator of the Structural Change Working Group, which was established by VOTF in July 2002. Their task was to define what VOTF meant by Structural Change and how we planned to approach our Goal Three: to shape structural change within the Church.  At the end of a six month process VOTF declared that, while we respect the teaching authority of the Church and recognize the role the hierarchy should exercise in discernment, all the people of God should be involved in this process. VOTF would therefore devote ourselves to advancing meaningful and active engagement of the laity in the life of the Church.  

Since that time, Margaret has worked to support all three goals of VOTF, with a particular focus on encouraging lay engagement at the parish level. (back to top)

Michael W. Ryan

Michael is a retired federal law enforcement official experienced in the conduct of financial audits and security investigations. Following his retirement, he became interested in Church security and developed comprehensive procedures which, when properly implemented and monitored, virtually guarantee that every dollar placed in the collection basket on Saturday evening or Sunday morning is, in fact, deposited in the parish bank account. (Those procedures and more can be downloaded free of charge at his website.)

Michael has published several articles on the subject of church security and Sunday collection embezzlement, and he is the author of Nonfeasance (2011), which addresses the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ failure to protect financial collections conference-wide. (back to top)