Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

VOTF Statement on U.S. Supreme Court decision

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June 29, 2010-Boston – Another important step towards accountability for sex-abuse coverups was taken with the recent refusal by the U.S. Supreme Court to stop a lawsuit that seeks to depose Vatican officials about a case involving a priest transferred from city to city despite repeated accusations of sexual abuse.

Prophetic Voices of our Church

Over the last few months we have seen the momentum of change in the Church begin shifting at last, towards recognition, even at the highest levels, that structural reforms are essential. For years, Voice of the Faithful has made this same call, highlighting the many ways that transparency and accountability could begin to restore the Church. Published reports in recent months show that many, even in the hierarchy, finally see the same needs. We have compiled a few of what we call “Prophetic Voices” for our members.

Board of Trustees Election

The Voice of the Faithful Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the election of a new Chairperson of the Board and the election of new Trustees. On May 25, 2010, the Board of Trustees unanimously elected Elia Marnik Chairperson of the Board. At the same meeting the board also unanimously elected five trustees: Ron DuBois, Jayne O’Donnell and Ed Wilson, all incumbent trustees who ran for re-election; and Mary Freeman and Mark Mullaney, who will be new to the board. They will take their positions at the June Board of Trustee Meeting.