Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Lynn Conviction

 Although the conviction of Msgr. William Lynn today in Philadelphia of child endangerment is a sad day for the Catholic Church, the conviction at least imposes a measure of accountability on the Church hierarchy for covering up the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy. Even sadder, it was secular authority that had to seek justice instead of the Church being completely forthcoming years ago. See VOTF statement.

Election Results: VOTF Board of Trustees

The election for four new members to VOTF's Board of Trustees has been completed. Two hundred fifty-three members voted in this election. The results are as follows:

Pat Gomez -- 202
Edward Greenan -- 191
Phil Megna -- 189
Margaret Roylance -- 188
Gaile Pohlhaus -- 114

(Note that fewer than the maximum 1,008 total votes were accumulated because some voters selected fewer than the four allowed per voter.)