VOTF can change the Church: Your work in VOTF already has and we can do even more. Come to the Convention to learn even more ways to "Keep the faith: Change the Church."

Richard P. McBrien to speak at VOTF Convention
Professor McBrien has been a friend of VOTF since Jim Muller and Jim Post asked his advice in 2002. Few theologians have done as much to give voice to Catholics as Richard McBrien. Read more.

Workshops and Panels — The Convention will have panels and workshops where VOTF members share how they have made a difference. Much concrete work has been done that you can carry home. Read more.

The Priest of Integrity Award that will be presented at the Convention continues VOTF support of the sacramental priesthood and the richness it brings to our tradition. Read more. VOTF Fall

Action for 2007 leading to the National Convention CONSCIENCE + COURAGE = DISCIPLESHIP
As VOTF’s National Convention nears, we move from an internal grounding in conscience to the more active role of disciple. These surveys will provide you with a tool to assess how your diocese is doing in financial accountability, shared governance and child protection. The results of these surveys will be summarized and compared diocese to diocese at the convention giving each person a foundation for discussion and action. VOTF member's embrace their Baptism. One way we work towards our goal of structural change is by helping Catholics to take their Baptismal responsibilities seriously. Consider using another VOTF implementation tool, Profile of the 21st Century Catholic in your Affiliate.