Why Providence RI?
Come early – Stay late, or better yet, do both.

Many of you may have to come a distance to join us in Providence for the VOTF Convention. Why not think about extending your time here and calling it a vacation. It will be the peak of the foliage season with all the beauty that it brings.

In the city of Providence there are many attractions to occupy your time. There is the mile of historic homes on the East Side, the state capitol within walking distance of the convention center, The Museum of Art at the RI School of Design, and Rhode Island’s own little Italy on Federal Hill. The city is filled with blue ribbon restaurants and if you like fish, you won’t be disappointed.

Rhode Island is small and manageable so if you have a car, drive a little north to the first cotton mill in the US built by Samuel Slater. Another option is to go to Newport and visit the mansions of the Gilded Age. On the other side of Narragansett Bay is the Birthplace of Gilbert Stuart, and also Roger William’s plantation. Wherever you drive south of Providence, you will enjoy a beautiful coastline.

The State House in Providence is within walking distance of the convention center. Look at the top of the dome. There is a statue of the independent man. Our state motto is HOPE. May you be filled with hope about VOTF as you journey back to your affiliate.

Hope to see you there! Mary Freeman.

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In the Vineyard
August 23, 2007

Volume 6, Issue 16
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