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Voice of the Faithful has been invited to participate in the John Jay Causes and Context Study. Beginning now and continuing through the month of September you as a member of Voice of the Faithful can log onto the survey and voice your opinion on the causes of the sex abuse crisis and how the crisis was handled. Participation in the survey is completely anonymous. The first page you will see when you click on the link will be the consent for research. The survey is set up so that only one submission per computer will be accepted.

This survey is a great opportunity to have our voices heard and only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

I hope you will all take the time to participate. Our goal is to be able to present the survey results for Voice of the Faithful at our upcoming convention October 19-20 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Mary Pat

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, and Fordham University Research Survey

The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People issued by the USCCB in June of 2002 calls for an annual report that will track the actually implementation of the Charter. Researchers at these three institutions have selected to generate this report. Those researchers have asked for VOTF's help. Click here to take the survey.

We seek information and assistance from members of VOTF for two purposes: first, to help us frame the questions we are asking of those in positions of responsibility, and, second, to better understand the phenomenon of disclosure of victimization. With regard to the first of these objectives, we are interested in gaining an understanding of the structural and leadership factors within the Roman Catholic Church that framed the institutional response to the child sex abuse crisis. We will concentrate on identifying changes in organizational structure and leadership within the American Catholic institutions, the changing relationship of parishioners and lay leaders within established episcopal authority, the shifting normative culture within the Church regarding gender roles and sexuality, and the awareness and response to clergy sex abuse.

In our second objective, we seek to understand why individuals came forward to report the abuse when they did. The topic is covered in the final section of the survey, which contains demographic questions (e.g. gender, age, race) along with some questions about your political attitudes and levels of community participation. These questions will help the research team understand if some types of people were more likely than others to become in involved in activism on behalf of survivors of abuse. This will also help us to understand what role VOTF has played in helping people of various backgrounds to speak out, and any subsequent impact these organizations had on the Church’s response.

The National Office encourages all members to participate in this survey.

Click here to tak the survey.

In the Vineyard
August 23, 2007

Volume 6, Issue 16
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