Disciples in ActionThis issue of In the Vineyard includes summaries of some of the Convention presentations. To get even closer to the action, go to Resurrection Tapes at www.resurrectionC.comor write to ResurrectionC@gmail.com for DVD and audio replays of most of the sessions. Here are some quick numbers from the Convention:

  • Over 500 attendees (two attendees drove from Wisconsin!)
  • Over two dozen workshops
  • Three Priest of Integrity Awards and the Catherine of Siena Lay Person Award


See VOTF Convention recaps under Disciples in Action
Read the VOTF National press release “VOTF Urges Bishops Not to Elect Cardinal George”

Fr. Richard McBrien calls VOTF to leave the Church better than we found it.

In his address to a packed house Friday evening Fr. Richard McBrien complimented Voice of the Faithful on the Convention agenda. He called for us to keep the pressure on and to not write off all of the bishops. He affirmed our identifying celibacy as a contributor to the culture of secrecy which led to the cover up of the abuse crisis. For a good summary of Fr. McBrien’s talk, click here.

EDWINA Gateley opening address on Saturday drew clamorous appreciation.

Gateley’s brand of public speaking is well known for the energy – both physical and intellectual – that she brings to an audience. As more than one attendee said, “She’s contagious – I haven’t felt this energized in quite a while.”

Gateley’s talk began with a lesson in recognition. “Following Jesus, hmmm. Pretty radical. Take away all the piety and hype … and you end up with a man who was a problem for both the secular and religious systems of his time; a social outcast in his culture; a rebel, an oddity, a trouble maker, a rabble rouser, a political problem and, ultimately, a convicted felon!!!!”

She went on to note that “something” in Jesus – His “inner authority” characteristic of mystics and prophets – resonated with so many around him. He was touching their inner understanding. Giving voice to these depths isn’t on the surface of our lives – it is in the desert places, Gateley said.

“What we so often forget is that agendas impelled by justice belong to God, and will unfold in time frames beyond our frantic plannings and desirings ….Our task is to be faithful to the unfolding of God’s ways, and yet remain expectant…. The voice of the faithful is birthed by God and must not be stilled – and neither must you, as Voice of the Faithful, be stilled.”

See upcoming issues of the Vineyard for more on Edwina Gateley’s talk. Meanwhile, visit her web site at www.edwinagately.com. To schedule an event, attend a retreat or receive a brochure on this minister, speaker, poet and writer, contact edwinagateley@aol.com or write to Edwina Gateley, 229 Eagle Point Blvd., Erie PA 16511.

ADVOCACY AWARD news! Congratulations to David Clohessy, national director of SNAP -- Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, who has received the Lifetime Achievement in Advocacy Award from the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma. David has been working with abuse survivors since the 1980s. In addition to representing SNAP at the Providence Convention, he also led a forum on ways VOTF members can work effectively to support legislation that helps survivors.

SNAP’s Fall Newsletter is available in pdf, click here.

SITE-seeing, Etc.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese newsletter “The Tidings” published an informed and informative response to “What do I say if an adult tells me he was abused years ago?” Read more.

An “uncommon overture” from Muslim scholars to the Christian community is drawing a mixed response – from welcome to caution. See The Tablet.

QUOTE for our time: “We seem to be undergoing a dark night in the Church, not the first in history and probably not the last. This darkness is not a mystery given the frantic efforts by some to slam the windows and nail down the shutters after a bit too much of the fresh air introduced by John XXIII at the instigation of the Holy Spirit. As at the first Pentecost, difference is a primary sign of that Spirit. Until the institutional part of the Church can learn to embrace and value difference, it will be primarily the responsibility of the rest of the Church to do so. Thank God for theologians like Phan and others. The Holy Spirit cannot be stopped and it is up to theologians to make Her presence felt in times like these.” Anthony Christiansen, OFM, as quoted in the current issue of National Catholic Reporter following commentary on Georgetown theologian Fr. Peter Phan’s recent talk. Fr. Phan is under investigation by US bishops and the Vatican for his book Being Religious Interreligiously: Asian Perspectives on Interreligious Dialogue. Subscribers can see NCR coverage.

Convention workshop presenters and facilitators are invited to provide recaps of their gatherings at the Providence RI convention “Disciples in Action” held on Oct. 19/20. This issue of In the Vineyard and future issues will incorporate as many of those summaries as we receive.

In the Vineyard
October 29, 2007

Volume 6, Issue 20
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