“As consent moves into surrender and trust takes hold, remind me to expect Your image in the most unexpected places.” Excerpt from “September Prayer” written by Sheila Norris of Colorado Concerned Catholics

VOTF At Work in the World

VOTF’s Prayerful Voices are heard along the Gulf Coast
The devastated lives of so many in the path of hurricane Katrina have brought together a mosaic of prayers, funding, volunteers and housing offers. VOTF members in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA have been communicating by e-mail their own experiences including first-hand recognition of needs. At the heart of all their words is a request for and profound thanks for our prayers; VOTF vice-president Kris Ward’s prayer for the victims of Katrina touched all who received it.

Spiritual Director Susan Troy shares thoughts, a song and some recommended reading. “Today, as the world watches the devastation along America’s Gulf Coast, we are again confronted with the reality and mystery of human suffering in a world we believe was created out of love and for love. How do we proceed?”

Also note: SNAP has initiated a Hurricane Relief Fund. Click here for tax-deductible donation information; and our Baton Rouge members tell us there is a need for shoes.


  • Archbishop Levada was served a second subpoena as he prepares to assume the leadership in Rome of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
  • VOTF San Francisco is preparing for an October 9 “day of discernment” on their hopes for and expectations of a new archbishop
  • VOTF president Jim Post comments on the implications of a finding by the Vatican with regard to the Boston Archdiocese (the suppression decrees for eight parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston were "defective,") and by the federal bankruptcy court (parish properties are part of diocesan assets) in Spokane, WA where Bishop Skylstad plans to appeal that court’s decision
  • VOTF Long Island, NY is hosting a discernment meeting tonight on findings from a study of Rockville Center’s diocesan finances
  • VOTF Boston is preparing template post cards for use in requesting members of the Mass. State Judiciary Committee to move Senate Bill 1074 (An Act Relative to Charities in Massachusetts) out of the Judiciary Committee to the full Senate.
  • Maine VOTF responds to SNAP’s David Clohessy column, “Thanks But, No Thanks” (See Commentary)
  • Also: Have you seen the VOTF Annual Report?; Bishop accountability found missing in NH; National Representative Council update; parish closings continue and not just in New England – from OH “Our church is not closing because we failed the diocese; it is closing because the diocese failed our church.”; your Christmas cards are ready!; and New England Area Calendar Watch


Resurrection Tapes is waiting for your order on audio and video coverage of the Indianapolis Convocation; Catholic News Service would like to hear from you – IF you would like to hear from them; you can “log on and learn” at Boston College; the National Pastoral Life Center has published the Catholic Common Ground Initiative talk delivered by Archbishop James Weisgerber as well as the “Response” delivered by VOTF president Jim Post

What Do You Think?

In the diocese of La Crosse, WI, the National Catholic Reporter (Sept. 2, 2005) reports that Bishop Jerome E. Listecki has issued a new “policy of prudence” to parishes such that any speaker on church property must be approved by the chancery. This is the case in several dioceses around the US. Correspondents, however, have been unable to identify one diocese where such a decision involved anyone other than the bishop and his confidantes. Is there a place for lay involvement here? Write to pthorp.ed@votf.org

Next issue: September 22. Please send comments and inquiries to pthorp.ed@votf.org

In the Vineyard
September 8, 2005
Volume 4, Issue 11
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VOTF At Work in the World

Commentary VOTF Maine: “Dialogue As Prelude to Action”

Letter to the Editor – Fr. Heagle in Oregon supports a “renewed and revived ecclesiology.”

September Prayer – "A Reflection on 'Goofing Off'"



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