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In the Vineyard
October 2003

"God yearns jealously for the spirit he has made to dwell in us." James 4:6

Recently, VOTF president Jim Post was in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Parish Voice leaders Mary Ann Keyes and Suzy Nauman were in Illinois and Wisconsin, and VOTF co-founders Mary and Bill Sheehan were in Ireland. Reports from all of these VOTF "apostles" are in this issue. It seems that every month some VOTF representative is somewhere in the country, or abroad, tapping into a waiting community of concerned Catholics. If we take to heart the sentiment expressed above in James, we see routinely that the Spirit is very much alive. We still don't know, anywhere in global Catholicism, where it is we are being led on our earthly mission but the signage is excellent and confidence is building that we are on the right road. We listen to the survivors and each other, we listen to and engage our priests in dialogue, we appeal to Church leadership to work with us for a healthier Church truer to the community and tone that Christ initiated. Above all, we begin and end in prayer and in communion.

Most VOTF members are well aware of the criticism routinely heaped on our movement - much of it inarticulate nonsense, some of it challenging and worthy of a response. Taken together, our critics are providing VOTF with one opportunity after another to articulate our goals, stand by our words and correct distortions. It isn't easy and it isn't quick - nor is it as important as the continuation of doing what we are doing with energy and commitment. As a People of God, we trust in the "spirit he made to dwell in us." The October 25 VOTF NY/NJ/CT conference is one of many invitations extended to that spirit and there is still time to, as coordinator Maria Coffey says, "Register! Register! Register!" Tapping into our "inner" spirit isn't a commonplace for most of us but, among other efforts (like attending the tri-state conference), our Events section can help, so please find out what might be happening in your area.

Perhaps it is an awkward parallel, but I can't help but hear the late Dr. Seuss right now - "Oh, the places you will go!" New readers - come along, your voices are so welcome. Regular readers - thank you for your company, your support and contagious good cheer. Indeed, we are going places.

Peggie L. Thorp, editor

  • Survivors Supporting Survivors - The LinkUp is "retreating" - to Kentucky. Why is this more good news? See Steve Sheehan's coverage of recent Survivor Support events. Read More.

  • Why is VOTF Bridgeport, CT our current model for "Best Practices"? Ireland and New Zealand - two nations, one burden. Read More.

  • Busloads to the tri-state conference on 10/25? What's the draw? Read More.

  • VOTF president Jim Post says "It doesn't have to be that way" after his Arizona trip. What does he mean? Read More.

  • What do you think? This month's focus - eliminate/minimize altar girls, liturgical dancing and applause during Masses? Who says? Read More.
    Share your thoughts by contacting leaderpub@votf.org

  • Prayer of the Month - you've seen this one before on the VOTF Web site. It's not exactly a prayer but it speaks to all Catholics. What is it and who wrote it? Read More. Once you've followed the link, then go to America magazine and use your imagination. Read More.

  • VOTF Elections - getting ready. Read More.

  • Write for the In the Vineyard? Why not? Read More.

  • Who's Protecting Our Children - and How? Read More.

  • The first-ever VOTF Christmas card is ready for your orders! Read More.

  • One response to one critic - Read More

  • Volunteer opportunities - help Goz Gosselin with his invaluable VOTF-News service. Just contact terriandgoz@prodigy.net.

  • HOW TO - access VOTF news/mentions or other crisis-related developments around the country. Suzanne Morse offers quick-tips. Read More.

  • Many churches blessed animals during the recent commemoration of the feast of St. Francis. This "Litany for Creation" comes from a VOTF member who attended one such service. Read More.


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October '03
Volume 2, Issue 11

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