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Officers, Trustees, & Incorporation Documents

Incorporation Documents
By Laws (PDF Format)
Articles of Incorporation (PDF Format)

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Dan Bartley, President

Janet Hauter, Vice President

Kevin Connors, Treasurer

Julie McConville, Secretary


Dan Bartley
William Casey
Ron DuBois
Mary Pat Fox
Svea Fraser
John Hushon
Elia Marnik
Ed Wilson
Jayne O'Donnell
James Post

I have been happily married to my wife, Ellen, for over 21 years. We have three children, Kris (19) , Carolyn (17) and Paul (14). I joined VOTF on Long Island in October 2002 because of a deep desire to see our Church become something that our children and grandchildren will want to belong to. I still feel that way. In November 2002, I became Co-Chair of LIVOTF and have been re- elected three times.

Although a CPA by training, my passion for the church led me to earn my Master’s degree in theology at my local seminary. I am also a graduate of the Pastoral Formation Institute, an intensive, two-year program that integrated theology, spirituality, human development and psychology. Additionally, I completed an optional third year Pastoral Formation track in evangelization. Prior to becoming “unwelcome,” due to my involvement with VOTF, my wife and I were very active in ministry on both a local and diocesan level. We helped design the diocesan training program for leaders of marriage preparation programs, and subsequently served as instructors for the program. We also facilitated groups and served on the coordinating team for marriage preparation in our parish. We helped to pilot a diocesan interfaith marriage preparation program. My wife and I also designed and presented workshops and retreats based on the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) for which we are both qualified administrators. The workshops have centered on various topics such as conflict resolution, communication and spirituality. I served on the Diocesan vocations committee and was my parish coordinator for RENEW 2000.

My focus on Long Island, which I would like to bring to National, is to develop a truly grass roots organization. I am a strong proponent of servant leadership. As such, I believe that we should be spending a significant portion of our time encouraging and supporting the growth of our affiliates. I believe that if we do this well we will have a chance to “Keep the faith and change the Church.” If not, we will not. I believe it is essential that we keep our membership energized and engaged in the conversation. This has been my primary focus on Long Island and, if elected, will remain my primary focus at National.

William R. Casey
Bill Casey and his wife Kris have three adult daughters and reside in Alexandria, VA. They worship at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, a small multi-cultural parish formed by and for African-Americans in the 1940s when they were relegated to back pews and choir lofts in local Catholic churches.

Bill has co-chaired the Northern Virginia affiliate of VOTF (corresponding to the Diocese of Arlington, VA) since its inception in August 2002, and he has served on several regional and national VOTF committees, including the 2006 National Officers’ Elections Committee (chair) and the current Governance Committee (member). He has been a spokesperson at VOTF press conferences held in Washington, DC in conjunction with the annual meetings of the USCCB. He participated along with VOTF Executive Director Ray Joyce in a radio interview on Interfaith Voices in 2006.

Bill holds Masters degrees in Theology (Augustinian College) and Public Administration (University of Southern California), and he is a certified mediator in the Virginia judicial system. Bill worked for 34 years as an executive and manager for the Federal Government’s financial regulator of the Savings and Loan industry, predominantly in Management, Human Resources, and Professional Development, until he retired in 2004.

Bill currently serves as a volunteer mediator, Restorative Justice facilitator, and jail Bible Study leader. The needs of survivors of clergy sexual abuse, along with VOTF’s inspired response to the crisis through the lens of survivors, initially drew Bill into VOTF, and he is committed to fostering and advancing its core goals through his role of the Board of Trustees.

I was a Maryknoll priest for 13 years, teaching in seminaries in this country and working as a missioner in Jakarta Indonesia before I resigned. I have a Master's degree in Theology from Maryknoll Seminary and a Doctorate in Philosophy from St. Louis University. I worked for 23 years in Human Resources at State Street Bank before retiring in 2002. I am married to Kay Doherty who has three daughters. We are enjoying our two-year old twin grandchildren, Rosalie and Jenson.

I have been involved with VOTF since the Convention in July of 2002. I am chair of the Paulist Center Affiliate in Boston. I have been active with the VOTF Council since early 2003 and was a member of the Steering Committee of the previous Council. I am fully committed to the Mission and Goals of VOTF, and will work to see that the Voice of the Faithful is heard in the Catholic Church. It is essential that we continue to focus on accountability and transparency of the hierarchy, the clergy and the laity as we work to build the Church as the People of God.

I have over 20 years experience with non-profit Boards of Directors. I am currently President of two non-profit Boards and secretary of a third. I am familiar with the Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations and fully understand the duties of care and loyalty that are expected of Directors. I have been actively involved with the current BOT of VOTF in the negotiations concerning the revision of the by-laws. I have good relations with current members of the BOT and am well acquainted with many of the issues facing the organization. I would be able to physically attend most meetings of the Board, and would commit myself to working for the success of the organization.

Svea Fraser
Svea Fraser says, "Scott and I were married 31 years ago, and we have two grown daughters. We have lived in Switzerland, Australia and Singapore: the Catholic Church has been home to me through all our travels.

"In 1980 Scott and I founded a group to resettle Southeast Asian refugees. Many of the people who joined and worked with us for nearly five years are part of Voice of the Faithful today. In the '80's I studied Scripture at Andover Newton Theological School, and completed my Masters of Divinity degree at Pope (now Blessed) John XXIII National Seminary (one of two women to have done so). I was the first woman Catholic chaplain (campus minister) at Wellesley College.

"I have been involved as a CCD teacher, an RCIA director, lector, eucharistic minister and workshop leader. I have been a member of three archdiocesan commissions (Liturgical, Vocations, and Ecumenical/Interfaith). I have been blessed with wonderful experiences and formation in the Catholic Church. I am now a member of St. John the Evangelist parish, Wellesley, MA.

"My commitment to the mission and goals of Voice of the Faithful is based on my deep love for the Church, and a conviction that the Church is all "The People of God." We are the living stones built on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ and the foundation of Peter. I believe now is the era of the laity: it is time for us to work together for the reign of God with all religious, priests, and bishops. As an individual I want to dedicate my gifts and energy to help build bridges of trust in a community whose members are all hurt by the present crisis."

Mary Pat Fox

Mary Pat Fox is a member of St. Ignatius of Loyola parish in New York City, NY.  She attended Catholic grammar school.  She received her college education at St. Michael’s College in Winooski, VT where she was educated by the Eudmandite order.  Mary Pat has been a lector, parish council member and chairperson of the capital campaign for Church of Our Saviour in midtown Manhattan

Mary Pat was the chairperson of the local VOTF affiliate in Manhattan, on the National Representative Council, Convocation Implementation Team, member of the Tri-State Leadership Team and part of the MANY Hearts and MANY Hands team which provided leadership training to affiliate leaders.

Mary Pat says “I joined VOTF and ran for office because I believe that VOTF is the organization to mobilize Catholics in the pews.  I firmly believe that in order for our Church to be a healthy sustainable Church the laity must re-examine our role and take on greater responsibility in the governance and guidance of the Church. Our Church must be a loving community where we can find spiritual, emotional, and intellectual nourishment. We cannot expect this to be delivered to us - we need to create it. We have an obligation to learn from the many survivors who have been so brave in showing us the problems and issues our church must address.”

She currently works for a financial services company in human resources.

John Hushon
John was an international corporate lawyer with a large Washington, D.C. law firm, until 1995 after graduating from Brown University in 1967 and Harvard Law School in 1970. He and Judy moved to Houston and then London as John became CEO of ElPaso Energy International—until retirement in 2002, when they moved to Naples. During this time he managed the expansion of ElPaso into energy infrastructure projects in more than 20 countries in the developing world. John continues as a management consultant, but his principle “occupation” since retirement has been working on a graduate degree in theology. He completed the work for a Masters Degree in Theology-Sacred Scripture in December 2005 at Washington Theological Union. He has been teaching in Naples and Washington throughout this period, is the organizer and co-chair of the FaithJustice program and various adult educational programs at St. John the Evangelist in Naples.
John is a trustee/board member of the WTU where he is active in finance and strategic planning (particularly the revision of the curriculum to accommodate the demands of collaborative ministry and the education of those who are or will be non-ordained ministers in our Church), the Center of Concern (a social justice “think tank” in Washington), VOTF SWF (also Treasurer), and Hope for Haiti (also co-chair of the annual “Airlift” gala).

John is a member of St John the Evangelist in Naples and The Pax Community in McLean, Virginia. He is married to Judy, a PhD environmental chemist. Judy is still active in environmental consulting, primarily on a pro bono basis and devotes considerable time to the Houston Ballet. Judy and John have two married sons and two granddaughters. They enjoy international travel, gardening, bridge, and the theatre.

Elia Marnik
VOTF has been a part of my life for over four years. As a lifelong Catholic, I am deeply committed to the 3 goals of VOTF, which are a dramatic response to the shocking sexual abuse crisis in our Church. VOTF has emerged as a united “voice” for faithful Catholics. Since the early spring of 2002, I have been a member of VOTF, starting with my attendance at the weekly sharing meetings at St. John’s in Wellesley, then the first working group meetings. I then helped to staff the Summer, 2002, Conference. Since that time, I have been active in many different initiatives: as a charter member of the Structural Change Working Group; as a member of the Protecting Our Children Group; as a facilitator at the Indianapolis convention; as a presenter at the Newton conference; as a member of the VOTF team which met with (then) Archbishop O’Malley; as a representative and member of a parish affiliate; as a director of the Boston Council; and for two years as the chair of the Nominating Committee for national officers. I continue to see the need for the laity to have an integral and meaningful role in our Church, and I am willing to work vigorously toward that end. Outside of VOTF, I am an educator. I have substantial experience serving on state, municipal and private boards, and have served for 4 + years as President of a non-profit corporation. My most important role in life, however, is that of wife, mother and grandmother.

Jayne O'Donnell
Parishioner of the Church of St. Timothy parish in West Hartford, Ct. Director of Religious Education since 1990; also served as the first Development Coordinator for the parish middle school in 2000, for six years. Past chair of the St. Timothy Middle School Board; past Parish Council chair; taught 2nd and 3rd grade C.C.D and has been involved in the parish Social Outreach program. A graduate with a B.A. from Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart (Purchase, New York) and a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

An active member of VOTF since May 2002.Co-founded the Greater West Hartford VOTF affiliate. Serves as the VOTF Regional Coordinator for Hartford, CT; and sits on the Hartford Regional VOTF Steering Committee.

Resides in West Hartford CT with my husband, Edward (Bud) O'Donnell, and we are the parents of a son and daughter.

Jim Post, Co-Founder and Former President
A member of St. John the Evangelist parish in Wellesley, MA, Jim Post is a Professor at Boston University's School of Management. He studied at Villanova under Augustinian priests who taught him about solidarity work with people in need, and was graduated from St. Bonaventure, where he developed an appreciation of the pastoral view of the Franciscans. He later earned M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the State University of New York (SUNY). Jim and his wife, Jeannette, are the parents of three children and three grandchildren so far.

Edward N. Wilson, Brooklyn, NY
Jesuit educated at Regis HS, NYC and Holy Cross College. U.S. Naval Officer. Columbia Law.
40-years corporate & financial law in NYC including VP/General Counsel of major public corporation.

Four Years VOTF.
Attended ’02 Boston Convocation.
Co-founder, Brooklyn VOTF ‘02.
On team that negotiated lifting ban on VOTF meetings using church property ’03;
Dialogue with diocese continues.
With wife Anne, Co-leader Brooklyn affiliate.
On national Governance Committee that proposed present NRC.
Member: National Structural Change Working Group. Legislative Accountability Advisors.
Tri-State VOTF group that organized Fordham
Convocation, ‘03 and St. Paul’s Forum, ‘04.
National Representative Council since 2006.
Marketing & Communications (MarCom) Group

Member of the Oratory Church of St. Boniface, Brooklyn, NY. Finance chair and member of parish council 2001-2004.

Two adult daughters. Two small grandchildren.



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