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VOTF National Statement -- Some Justice in Cardinal Mahony’s Removal from Public Ministry

NEWTON, Mass., Feb. 1, 2013 – Voice of the Faithful® sees some slight, long overdue justice in the recent removal of retired Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony from public ministry for abetting clergy sexual abuse, a first in the decades-long scandal. Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez announced Mahony’s censure in a letter Jan. 31 in which he stated that, effective immediately, Mahony “would no longer have any administrative or public duties.”

VOTF National Statement: Child Sex Abuse Statutes of Limitation Reform Makes Sense on Both Sides of the World

NEWTON, Mass., Nov. 30, 2012 – Two incidents on opposite sides of the world have recently underscored the disparity in views on the reform of child sex abuse statutes of limitation, which Roman Catholic Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful® has long sought as a means for abuse victims to receive justice.

VOTF National Statement: Convicted Prelate Apparently Not on Bishops' Agenda in Baltimore This Week

NEWTON, Mass., Nov. 11, 2012 -- Bishop Robert Finn of Missouri stands convicted of covering up for a priest caught with thousands of images involving "child sex" on his computer. That this is a travesty is an understatement. That Bishop Finn has not resigned or been removed or even censured by his brother bishops is abhorrent. As U.S. bishops gather for their Fall General Assembly, Nov. 12-15, in Baltimore, Bishop Finn’s situation appears not to have made the agenda.

Australian Catholic Church & Boy Scouts of America Scandals Show Depth & Breadth of Child Sex Abuse & Cover-Up

NEWTON, Mass., Oct. 19, 2012 – Recent revelations of child sexual abuse and cover-up in the Roman Catholic Church in Australia and the Boy Scouts of America show the depth and breadth of this continuing worldwide perversion and scandal, according the Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful®.

Naitonal Statement -- Philadelphia Story Underscores Voice of the Faithful Calls for Church Financial Transparency

NEWTON, Mass., Oct. 1, 2012 – Recent exposing of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s financial woes (see “Archdiocese of Phila. in serious financial shape – and so are its parishes,” Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept. 30, 2012) underscores the Roman Catholic Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful’s long-time calls for more transparency and accountability in parish and diocesan finances.

VOTF National Statement -- Civil Authorities Hold Bishop Accountable with Finn Conviction; Something Church Unwilling to Do

NEWTON, Mass., Sept. 7, 2012 – Bishop Robert Finn, pastoral leader of the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., yesterday became the first bishop, and the highest Roman Catholic Church official, to be convicted in criminal court in America for his role in the Church’s decades-long clergy sexual abuse scandal. Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful® decries the fact that our Church, as moral authority, was unwilling to hold Bishop Finn accountable and left it to civil authorities to do so.

Alaskan Priest to Receive Priest of Integrity Award during Voice of the Faithful 10th Year Conference in Boston

NEWTON, Mass., Sept. 4, 2012 – A priest from a missionary diocese in northern Alaska will receive Voice of the Faithful’s® Priest of Integrity Award during VOTF’s 10th Year Conference in Boston next month. This marks VOTF’s tenth presentation of the Priest of Integrity Award since its founding in 2002.

VOTF 10th Year Conference Agenda Revised to Accommodate HBO Screening

VOTF's 10th Year Conference agenda has been revised to accommodate a special preview screening of the HBO documentary film Mea Culpa: Silence in the House of God. You must be registered for the conference to view this special screening, and seating is quite limited. If you have not yet received an invitation to the screening, send your e-mail address to

Two to Receive St. Catherine of Siena Distinguished Layperson Award During Voice of the Faithful 10th Year Conference in Boston

NEWTON, Mass., Aug. 10, 2012 – Two Roman Catholic lay people will receive Voice of the Faithful’s® St. Catherine of Siena Distinguished Layperson of the Year Award during VOTF’s 10th Year Conference in Boston next month. This recognition represents only the fourth and fifth times in its 10-year history VOTF has presented the award.

The recipients are authors and educators Joseph F. O’Callaghan, Ph.D., Norwalk, Conn., and Phyllis Zagano, Ph.D., Hempstead, N.Y.

Voice of the Faithful National Statement -- Lynn’s Sentencing Plays Up Contrasts between Church & Penn State Scandals

NEWTON, Mass., July 24, 2012 – The highest ranking Roman Catholic Church official to be found guilty of covering up crimes against children in the Church's decades-old clergy sexual abuse scandal was sentenced today in a Philadelphia court. Msgr. William Lynn, former head of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia office for making priest assignments, was sentenced to up to six years in prison for child endangerment in that he transferred pedophile priests secretly.

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VOTF News Release -- Voice of the Faithful Plans 10th Year Conference in Boston

NEWTON, Mass., June 18, 2012 – The worldwide Catholic Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful, which started in 2002 in outrage and dismay that the Church’s power structure had kept clergy sexual abuse of children secret, is marking its tenth year with a conference in Boston this September. The event is expected to draw supporters from across the United States and Europe.

Voice of the Faithful National Statement -- Bishops Release 2011 Child Protection Audit; Continued Vigilance Necessary

NEWTON, Mass., May 3, 2012 – With no fanfare and practically no media coverage, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released its 2011 child protection audit last month. Promoters of secrecy and cover-up of clergy sexual abuse in the Church might be rejoicing at this lack of attention, but Voice of the Faithful® sees it as an incitement to continued vigilance.

National Statement -- Church Reform Movement Voice of the Faithful Disappointed at Elevation of Lori to Archbishop of Baltimore

NEWTON, Mass., Mar. 20, 2012 – Catholic Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful, which supports survivors of clergy sexual abuse, is disappointed at the elevation of Bridgeport, Conn., Bishop William Lori to archbishop of Baltimore, which the Vatican announced today.
Although Bishop Lori in many ways has acted to shore up child-protection policies and institute reforms in those policies, on the question of transparency he has fallen short.