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THANK YOU ALL; it was great to see so many of you at our National Meeting on June 10 and then at the American Catholic Council sessions June 10 through 12. We hosted almost 250 of you at our meeting, and the ACC itself drew 1,800 or more over the weekend.

If you could not attend or if you missed one of the presentations on Friday, you can still review some of the handouts and visuals available at the meeting from this page.

Voice of the Faithful Ireland Responds to Cloyne Report Fallout

Voice of the Faithful Ireland leader Bryan Maguire was interviewed this past Sunday, July 24, on the Irish public radio network, RTE, show "This Week." Host Colm O'Mongain talked with Maguire and Francis Rocca, Vatican correspondent for Religion News Service, on their reaction to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny's recent speech in the Irish parliment about the Cloyne Report. If you would like to listen to the interview, click here.

Philadelphia Update

The change in leadership in the Philadelphia Archdiocese -- Archbishop Charles Chaput for retiring Cardinal Justin Rigali -- is not the only important thing happening there. A group of Pennsylvania residents, including Voice of the Faithful and Catholics4Change members, is launching an Internet Blog, Justice4PAKids. The site will help the group lobby the state legislature to reform the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse. As archbishop of Denver, where he's been since 1997, Chaput opposed statute of limitations reforms.

Voice of the Faithful National Statement -- Reform Movement Says Voices Heard with Rigali Resignation

NEWTON, Mass., July 20, 2011 -- Cardinal Justin Rigali’s resignation as archbishop of Philadelphia shows clearly that the Vatican is beginning to hear faithful Catholic voices, according to reform group Voice of the Faithful.

Pope Benedict XVI accepted Rigali’s resignation letter yesterday, July 19, submitted as required last year when he turned 75, several months before he was expected to step down. His successor, Denver archbishop Charles Chaput, was announced during an archdiocesan press conference, also July 19.

News Release - More Catholic Clergy Sex Crimes & Cover-ups Detailed in Ireland Cloyne Report

NEWTON, Mass., July 13, 2011 – Clearly Catholic bishops still do not understand how their actions put children at risk, said Dan Bartley, president of the worldwide Catholic Church reform group Voice of the Faithful, as Ireland’s government today released the Cloyne Report on Catholic clergy sexual abuse.

Voice of the Faithful Focus -- July 7, 2011

Highlighting issues we face in working together to Keep the Faith, Change the Church

The Good News—Changing Attitudes
Voice of the Faithful continually rails against Church abuses while working within the faith to effect substantive change. We know such change will be a long time coming, but we also know that, as attitudes change, so eventually will the Church. And we find evidence of changing attitudes: