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Voice of the Faithful National Statement -- Finally Accountability for a Bishop

NEWTON, Mass., Oct. 14, 2011 – Bishop Robert Finn and the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese were indicted today by a Jackson County, Missouri, grand jury for failing to report child abuse, the first time a Catholic bishop has been indicted on such a charge since clergy sexual abuse of children was first made widely known in the United States.

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Change is brewing in nation after nation and in every realm of life from housing to communications. Our Church is not immune -- the spirit of change has been welling up as a grass roots movement for years... and is slowly gaining strength. We work hard to bring our message of change to the bishops and to Rome. But how much more successful would we be if we gained momentum for change among those closest to the people: the priests in our parishes?

Ten Steps Toward Reforming the Catholic Church

The sexual abuse scandal that has swept across the United States, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and many other countries has finally been recognized by the Vatican as a global crisis—one that has reached the very top of the Catholic Church. It took too long.

We cannot wait longer for the hierarchy to take the steps needed to prevent similar outrages in the future. We must insist on accountability that exposes and penalizes those who enabled the ongoing abuses and coverups. Then we must begin the process of restoring our Church.