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Planning for the Future: A Message on Dues

Recently, the Board of Trustees sent notifications to all members with email addresses that VOTF will begin collecting dues to help support the Voices in Action campaign and all other efforts to attain our MIssion. A letter with this same message is on its way to our members who prefer receiving notice through postal mail rather than email. If you have not received your letter yet, or if you did not open the email, here's what that message says.

St. Catherine of Siena Award Winner

Jason Berry, the author, investigative journalist, and documentary producer, was awarded the Voice of the Faithful Saint Catherine of Siena Distinguished Lay Person Award on Oct. 31, 2009, at VOTF's conference in Melville NY. Carolyn Disco, previous winner of the St. Catherine award, and Juan Vaca, one of the courageous survivors of abuse by Marcial Maciel, presented the award. For more information on the work of Jason Berry, click here.