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VOTF weighs in on Seattle Case

For the first time in Seattle history, a clergy sex abuse case appears headed to trial. The lawsuit against the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese would become one of the few cases across the country that goes to trial rather than settlement.  Bill Casey, a leader of VOTF's platform for Survivor Support and Child Protection, was interviewed on Seattle Public Radio (KUOW) regarding the case. Click here for the interview.

Monitoring Compliance with Child-Safety Standards in Religious Orders

Religious Institutes (Orders) of Men and Religious Congregations of Women generally have adopted their own child-safety and abuse-reporting procedures. 

Many subscribe to standards established by Praesidium, Inc., that are even stricter than the USCCB Charter. For example, the Praesidium standards call for scheduled as well as surprise visits by outside auditors to remain certified.

But not all orders and congregations utilize the Praesidium standards. And some are more vigilant than others in following up on reports of sex abuse.