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Vatican Pastoral Response: View from Ireland

From Sean O'Conaill, VOTF-Ireland:

There are aspects of Pope Benedict XVI's pastoral letter that we warmly welcome -- especially the recognition that a ' new vision is needed, to inspire present and future generations' in Ireland. The letter will hopefully now precipitate a long-delayed conversation among Irish Catholics -- priests, bishops and people together -- out of which, with God's help, such a new vision will emerge.

The clergy abuse scandal has hit the top. Where do we go from here?

The latest news from Germany points directly to the Vatican. Reports indicate that a priest in the Pope’s former diocese of Munich was reassigned to parish work after a conviction for child sex abuse. This comes amidst calls for the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady in Ireland and reports erupting in The Netherlands and elsewhere about long-hidden abuse.


The Clergy Abuse Scandal Has Hit the Top: Where Do We Go from Here?

March 16, 2010 – Boston—The clergy sexual abuse crisis that shook the very foundations of the Catholic Church in America has now reached global proportions. As many suspected all along, despite what we had been told, this horrific scandal was never a United States problem or an Irish problem, or an Australian problem or a German problem. It is a global problem that we now know extends even to the Vatican.