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VOTF Retrospective: Order Now

"Voice of the Faithful: A Retrospective" premiered at our 10th Year Conference. Here's a glimpse of the voices who spoke about who we are and why we are. 

Noted director Vincent Rocchio of Da Vinci Consulting pulled together interviews, news headlines, photos, and VOTF notes from our past 10 years to create this moving 20-minute retrospective.

Naitonal Statement -- Philadelphia Story Underscores Voice of the Faithful Calls for Church Financial Transparency

NEWTON, Mass., Oct. 1, 2012 – Recent exposing of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s financial woes (see “Archdiocese of Phila. in serious financial shape – and so are its parishes,” Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept. 30, 2012) underscores the Roman Catholic Church reform movement Voice of the Faithful’s long-time calls for more transparency and accountability in parish and diocesan finances.

Alaskan Priest Receives Priest of Integrity Award during Voice of the Faithful 10th Year Conference in Boston

A priest from a missionary diocese in northern Alaska received Voice of the Faithful’s® Priest of Integrity Award during VOTF’s 10th Year Conference in Boston Sept. 14-15. Fr. Patrick Bergquist is a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska, the largest in the country, spreading across 410,000 sq. mi. of northern Alaska.
Read entire news release on this Priest of Integrity Award reciepient by clicking here.

Ireland's Child Protection Board Chair Speaks at Voice of the Faithful 10th Year Conference

The chairman of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland, John Morgan, presented his views on the similarities and differences between child protection efforts in Ireland and the United States and on reform within the Roman Catholic Church to help prevent clergy sexual abuse during the Voice of the Faithful® 10th Year Conference taking place in Boston, Sept. 14-15.

Two Receive 2012 St. Catherine of Siena Distinguished Layperson Award During VOTF 10th Year Conference Next Month in Boston

Voice of the Faithful® presented its 2012 St. Catherine of Siena Distinguished Layperson Award to Joseph F. O'Callaghan and Phyllis Zagano during VOTF's 10th Year Conference in Boston Sept. 14-15. This recognition was the fourth and fifth times in its 10-year history VOTF has presented the award. The St. Catherine of Siena Award recognizes exemplary lay leaders who enthusiastically use their gifts in the Church’s service and whose example encourages all Catholics to use their talents for the betterment of the Church.