Synod of Bishops on the Family

We have been treated over the past couple of weeks to a plethora of news from Rome about the Extraordinary General Assembly of the  read more »

Will Vatican's first criminal trial on charges of clergy sexual abuse signal new policy?

The arrest and initiation of criminal proceedings against a former papal nuncio for  read more »

Did You Know …

That our understanding of the Eucharist today emerges from the Shabbat meals shared by the disciples after th  read more »

Zero Tolerance?

The U.S. bishops’ zero tolerance policy for clergy sexual abuse, established with the 2002 Dallas Charter, remains an open question for Voice of the Faithful®.  read more »

Sociologists Address VOTF Meeting

Dr. Patricia Ewick, professor of sociology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and Dr.  read more »

Bridgeport VOTF Will Take Part in Diocesan Synod

Voice of the Faithful® in the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, in an extension of its contacts with Bishop Frank Caggiano, will send delegates to the diocesan synod to begin  read more »

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