Bishop Murphy's comments on SOL reform are only latest Church salvo against abuse survivors

The Catholic Church has long sought to deny victims of clergy sexual abuse one of their only means of seeking justice--civil lawsuits.  read more »

Inching Toward Accountability?

The Catholic Church seems to be inching closer to holding bishops accountable for involvment in covering up clergy sexual abuse.  read more »

Synod of Bishops on the Family

We have been treated over the past couple of weeks to a plethora of news from Rome about the Extraordinary General Assembly of the  read more »

Will Vatican's first criminal trial on charges of clergy sexual abuse signal new policy?

The arrest and initiation of criminal proceedings against a former papal nuncio for  read more »

Did You Know …

That our understanding of the Eucharist today emerges from the Shabbat meals shared by the disciples after th  read more »

Zero Tolerance?

The U.S. bishops’ zero tolerance policy for clergy sexual abuse, established with the 2002 Dallas Charter, remains an open question for Voice of the Faithful®.  read more »

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