Welcome to the Voice of the Faithful Bishop Selection Input web portal. This portal has been created for Catholics in U.S. dioceses with pending bishop vacancies in the spirit of the Church's rich history and tradition of lay input in bishop selection (see Background).

This portal enables you to provide input to Church leaders on:

  • Outstanding needs and opportunities in your diocese;
  • Qualities and qulification your next bishop should possess to address them; and
  • Any priest who, in your considered judgment, would be an excellent candidate for bishop and why.

Your input will be transmitted directly to the Apostolic Nuncio, the Vatican's representative in the U.S., who advises the Congregation for Bishops on bishop selection. In a March 2014 correspondence to VOTF the Apostolic Nuncio assured that all input received would be reviewed.

Canon Law encourages Catholics to make their views on matters concerning the good of the Church known to Church leaders, and enshrines their right also to make their views known to the wider Catholic community (can.212:2.3), and Church leaders have recognized VOTF's right to encourage lay input in bishop selection.

We suggest that you review the "Background," then begin your recommendations with a prayer for divine guidance: starting with the first Church election (the selection of Matthias in Acts 1:15-26) the Church community prays for divine guidance in reaching their leadership decisions. Please state your views on at least the first two input items; the third is optional.

* Required field:  The personal information requested above is required to assure the Apostolic Nuncio that the recommendations you submit are those of an individual member of the diocese.  Unless you submit this identifying data, we cannot include your recommendations in our report.  Thank you.  

All the individual views and recommendations properly entered into this web portal will be transmitted to the Apostolic Nuncio.  We will request him to give them his considered attention in preparing his recommendations to the Congregation for Bishops and to include this material with his transmittal.  

Thank you for your participation!